Shipping and Returns

Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days after we receive your order. Packages typically deliver in 5-9 business days after they ship. However, additional delivery delays may happen due to demand.

Our packages ship USPS first then based on weight, we utilize UPS and will be delivered to your door.

Yes. You will receive a tracking number for your order after it ships. This number can be found in your email inbox with the email you provided at checkout.

Currently, Earth Recovery only ships orders across the U.S. We will continue to provide updates to our Earth Heroes abroad, as soon as we can ship our products to you.

Product Information

Our All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is formulated to work using any temperature water, but we recommend using room temperature or cool water to fill up your Forever Bottle. This will help with dissolving the concentrate.

We recommend using the product in your Forever Bottle entirely before refilling and reusing. This will limit waste and excess water usage.

The All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate has a shelf life of 2 years; however, due to the nature of the natural materials used, the color may intensify or evolve over time.

Earth Recovery Forever Bottles are made with 100% HDPE Ocean Bound Plastic, which makes them incredibly durable. With responsible use, you should get many years out of your Forever Bottle.

We recommend reusing the box your product comes in to eliminate waste, and give your package another life. The tape used on the package does not contain fiberglass, and is printed with Algae Ink, which is recyclable. When it’s time to recycle your Forever Bottle, remove the (all-plastic) recyclable sprayer head. Your Forever Bottle can be recycled in municipal recycling streams.

Each piece of your Earth Recovery product is recyclable.

Our All-Purpose Cleaner is made for use on porcelain, tile, sealed stone, engineered stone, formica, painted wood, laminate, vinyl, and stainless steel. Use caution on unsealed surfaces and always test the areas first.

You can find the SDS for our Earth Recovery products here (CREATE LINK to 4.3)

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Mission & Purpose

Provide people with innovative, safe products that promote a healthy home and environment.

Cradle to cradle is a concept coined by Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, William McDonough, and EPEA Hamburg in the 1990s. It moves away from “cradle to grave” as a concept where products are designed without considering their impact or purpose at the end of their life. Cradle to cradle approaches formulation and design with future generation and uses in mind—an inherently more sustainable approach.

Earth Recovery uses this cradle to cradle framework to provide innovative and safe products that can be safely introduced into your homes and reintroduced into the Earth.

Biomes function best when they are balanced. Similarly, microbes in your home environment function best when they are balanced, allowing good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria in check. Home cleaning with bleach, chorline and other toxic products will disrupt your home's environmental balance. Start by introducing safer, non-toxic cleaners into your household, and restore your home's natural biome. 

Scan the code on your Earth Recovery bottle to see where Earth Recovery is stopping plastic from entering the ocean. And learn more about how your purchase, is helping communities without formal waste management systems, and ultimately protecting workers rights through fair wages and safe working conditions.

With your purchase, you’re helping to uplift communities around the world that do not have access to formal waste management systems.