Our Story

2020—it was a year that changed all of our lives. For our family, it was just the beginning. We were living through a public health crisis, a climate crisis, and overcoming a personal health scare.

As children, we grew up in two different parts of the world. Me–from the fragrant and lush suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and my husband, from the pristine and bountiful shores of eastern Long Island, New York. These memories served as our north star and inspired us to desire a world more in balance.

As we witnessed our lives and the earth changing, we had to make better choices for our family. And the answer started at home. We knew that what we used to clean our home was as important as the food we ate, and the care products we used on our bodies.

Inspired by the sustainable “cradle to cradle” framework, we created Earth Recovery to offer products that are safe for you and your home, with a responsible return to our environment using biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Earth Recovery makes a commitment to making health-first, life-long, and sustainable changes. This small-scale action can lead to large-scale change for our family and for you, our Earth Heroes. It starts by becoming personally responsible in protecting your home, family and environment against the exposure and effects of toxic additives and excessive waste.

If we could do that for ourselves, we knew that we could place greater control in our customers’ hands, homes, and bodies, which would simply make our world–better. And together, we can support our Earth’s journey to recovery.